in the first Head & Growshop in Mistelbach!

Everything revolves around cannabis here.
We offer equipment for growing hemp ornamental plants, as well as CBD oils for well-being, excellent non-fiction books and many other interesting products.

About us

Wir sind ein kleines, motiviertes Team, dass sich um jedes Anliegen und alle Kundenwünsche sehr bemüht, sie umzusetzen und zu erfüllen.

Mit jahrelanger Erfahrung und fachspezifischem Wissen ist eine optimale Beratung für unsere Kunden gegeben.


All offered products are strictly controlled by us before they go on sale. So we can represent the quality of the CBD products, textiles, food, smoked products and everything else with full conviction with a clear conscience.


Satisfied customers make us happy!
We try to accommodate every request and do our best to answer all your questions. Every day we learn from you and your everyday stories and can continue to gain a lot of experience.