The Team

Our Sprössling team!

Kateřina, Karel, Georg and Tamara (from left to right)

Georg is the founder and the heart of the company.
He produces many of our wonderful cuttings, cherishes and cares for them with full commitment and takes the rearing of the offspring very seriously.

Karel supports Georg every day with the care of the plants and learns something new every day. When it comes to grow equipment, Karel is the right contact and speaks fluent German, Czech, English and French!

Tamara mainly takes care of the orders, handles the bookkeeping and is responsible for advertising, promotions and the organization of the business. She keeps an overview of everything.

Kateřina is very committed to the cleanliness of our shop and assists Tamara in her accounting activities. With her friendly manner she helps our customers, just like Karel, in German, English and Czech.

Together we ware Sprössling!